Plan To Burn Marijuana Angers Legalization Activists, Police Want Slow Safe Burn

There is still a lot of debate over what to do with the 5500 pounds of seized marijuana that police found during a major drug bust last week. Proponents of legalizing marijuana would like to see it distributed to those with medical conditions. Steve Burger, a proponent of decriminalizing pot says, “This bust shows us that the desire is out there, but our government could easily control and profit off of a find like this.”

Sgt. Bittenfinger loads up his squad car so he can prepare to slowly dispose of the seized marijuana

Cook County Sgt Bill Bittenfinger says Burger is way off base.  “We need to destroy this marijuana slowly if we are going to be safe.  The public shouldn’t have access to these 5500 lbs of marijuana.  We are trained professionals with special devices and equipment that can properly dispose of this red-haired beautiful Mexican pot in a way that won’t be a fire hazard.” 

Bittenfinger says he has regularly been a part of the disposal from big drug busts going back to the 1980’s.  “I remember back when we were finding massive amounts of blow in some of our major seizures.  I lost a lot of sleep knowing all those drugs were out there, but it kept my wife happy because I was vacuuming all the time.”

It appears that County Officials will go with the original plan to have a controlled burn in a remote area, something Bittenfinger is excited about.  “I just love nature….man…like a lot.  I love you.”


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