Parents Outraged By Happy Meal…McDonalds To Market Towards Angry Parents With “Outrage Meal”

Some health advocacy groups are outraged by McDonald’s offer of toys with food that is high in sodium and saturated fat.  These parents are so outraged they have asked McDonald’s to remove all toy offers with “Happy Meals” because it is marketing unhealthy food directly to children.   This group is becoming so vocal that McDonald’s is now offering an “Outrage Meal.”  McDonald’s executive Randy Longbrow says, “This group became so large, our marketing team thought it would be foolish to avoid this demographic.”

A fat McChild asks if his parents are going to finish their "Outrage Meal"

The Outrage Meal is a lime marinated salmon on a bed of spring greens served with blue cheese and a citrus vinaigrette.  Each meal comes with an area media list, and a card that includes state and national politicians and their contact information.  It also includes a form letter that can be copied and emailed to local government officials.

Rick Sprawlington, a vocal member of The Centers for Science in the Public Interest says, “I cannot believe that McDonald’s would lure our children to fatty foods with the promise of toys.   We need healthy options for our kids, like that delicious salmon filet on a bed of…nom nom nom.”  Rick’s wife Patti says, “The Outrage Meal is delicious, but it is so irresponsible to just market to people based off of something they want.  How can they expect us to fall for this trap?  I’m going to call my congressman right now, and it is a good thing I have this number, on the back of this card that came with my delicious Outrage Meal.  Thank you McDonalds.”

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  1. Horacio

    I can hear a commercial for that now. Ba da ba ba ba, I’m hating it!

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