Dozens Of New Wal Mart Stores In Chicago Could Mean Dozens Of Opportunities For Area Residents To See A Fat Guy With A Popsicle Stick Stuck Between His Flip Flop And His Foot

A 6 year stalemate could finally be broken as Chicago City Officials and Wal Mart executives are reportedly close to reaching a deal.  This could mean Chicago residents will have regular access to the side-show clowns that actually shop at Wal Mart.  “Usually I have to go to different Web Sites to see who is shopping at Wal Mart, now that one is in the city, maybe I could go.” Said Jennifer Wickstrum, who lives in Rogers Park.  “I can find low prices at many different stores, but there are few establishments where I can buy tires, kleenex, and watch someone push a cart with his gut, or pull the back hair through a tear in his tank top.”

Get the real story HERE.

An Angry Wal Mart Executive looks at you...Hoping you will buy his cheap crap that Chinese children make.

Many people in Chicago are excited about what Wal-Mart could bring to our area.  ‘Sure, $8 an hour jobs are great to have in the community but there is so much more.” Says local economist Dwayne Riddenbacher from Hyde Park.  “Wal-Mart stores will offer a huge economic benefit, as well as a boost in spirits during these tough economic times.  Seriously, have you ever seen a woman febreezing the clothes on her body in the produce section?  HI-larious.”

As Wal Mart waits to hear the final word from Chicago, many residents are hoping that this could spell a personal turnaround for them.  Steve Chapman, who is wearing sweatpants in the summer says, “I like to think of myself as a guy who likes to date.  Wal Mart, which probably has a large magazine section, probably means there are a lot of opportunities to score some free cologne before I go out on the town.”


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