I’ll Be Honest With Ya

All satire aside, I’d like to point out that Mark Kirk has done some very brave things in his life and he has plenty to be proud of.  Anyone who is willing to serve the country is heroic, and I guess that it is for this reason that I am disgusted with Mark Kirk for embellishing his resume in a very galling and bizarre way.  My point is that so many veterans, combat or not, have a lot to be proud of.  By lying, embellishing, whatever you want to call it, Mark Kirk just told them that what they did wasn’t good enough.  I think that is a disservice to all veterans, and they are owed a real apology.  Not, “I’m sorry that you” but “I’m sorry that I.”

Have a great weekend, and thank you all for the visits this week.  I’m going to celebrate Father’s Day with my boys and enjoy some time on the motorcycle.  Also, thanks to Arch Pundit and Rich Miller at Capitol Fax for sending many of you my way.  I hope you all got a laugh in where you otherwise might not have.


Mike Wilson

Judge Penitent


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