White Ultra Conservative Male Backs Another White Conservative Male’s Political Ideals

In a very precedented showing of support one Republican who used to be a very conservative Governor of Florida is throwing his support behind another conservative white guy.  Throngs of conservative people showed up to view this event that many onlookers called “pedestrian.” 

A diverse showing of support for one conservative male as "the rebel" of the group wears jeans and works off of a brown color palette

Harold Prentiss Bloomenthal, who was born on third base says, “I love it when people who look and act alike and come from similar wealthy backgrounds can get beyond all their similarities and support each other’s political endeavors.”  

Even children who came to celebrate the event of white male politicians shaking hands and giving each other money describe what they saw as extraordinary in its homogeny.  6 year old Caitlin Morton (R-Wheaton) said “Everyone looks like my daddy and smells like Preferred Stock cologne.  It is a veritable sea of Khaki pants and navy blue blazers.”

One of the conservative guys who spoke last and by default must be of greater importance than the other conservative guys said, “We are like styrofoam cups, devoid of culture, bad for the environment, and very white.   But like those cups, if we can stick together, we can forge a stronger place next to the coffee machine.”

Get the real story here: http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/2403292,CST-NWS-brady17.article


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One response to “White Ultra Conservative Male Backs Another White Conservative Male’s Political Ideals

  1. Joe Rock

    Why do you hate America so much and those who pull themselves up by their daddy’s, grand-daddy’s or great-grand-daddy’s bootstraps?

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