Aaron Schock Shows Industry And Flexibility In The Face Of Adversity

It was a beautiful late Spring day and Congressman Aaron Schock looked at his watch on a lazy afternoon and realized,  The White House picnic is in 20 minutes.  Worse yet, it was laundry day.  “I didn’t have a stitch to wear, and I started to panic.”

Rep. Schock (R-Peoria) didn’t throw up his arms and give up.  Instead he stuck to his plans to attend the picnic.  “All I had that was clean was a pair of bright orange  Umbros and a pink “No Fear” shirt.”  Schock quickly threw on his Umbros and ran out the door, but nothing could prepare him for what came next.

“It was like a terrible dream.” Said Schock.  “I went to L.L. Bean, but they were closed. Old Navy, The Gap, even BABY GAP, all closed.”  Schock said just as things looked as grim as they could be, they got worse. “I left my wallet at my house because the pockets in my Umbros are worthless, but I had 20 bucks tucked away in my jogging sock.”  Schock found himself in need of pulling an outfit together for 20 dollars to wear at a White House picnic.

Schock seen here overcoming his situation and proudly wearing his purchase from Fashion Bug just 10 minutes earlier

“I took a deep breath, scanned the area for open businesses, and it was then when I found my salvation in the form of a Fashion Bug.”  Schock said he rushed over to check the door, it opened, he was in.  He then scanned the circular clearance racks for whatever he could find. “I knew it was my only option, being petite, but muscular limited my options.”

Schock quickly found some white linen pants for $6.99.  He hurried over to a “20% Off” rack when he saw a size 4 top that pulled the colors of the pants together nicely…he looked at the price tag.  “$8.50!  How will I find a 3 dollar belt?”  But just then, he found a 3 dollar belt  in all of its turquoise splendor.   “I knew it wasn’t the greatest, but that Fashion Bug kept me from showing up to a White House Picnic looking like a total jerk.  I mean, orange Umbros, c’mon!”


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